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UK Landlords Facing Dilemma To Upgrade or Sell Up

UK Landlords Facing Dilemma: To Upgrade or Sell Up

**UK Landlords Facing Dilemma: To Upgrade or Sell Up**

**Government’s EPC Proposals Raising Concerns**

The UK government’s plans to improve energy efficiency in rental properties through Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) upgrades may have unintended consequences. A recent survey conducted by, a cleantech company, reveals that a significant majority of landlords are considering selling their properties rather than investing in green upgrades.

**Financial Concerns Leading to Reluctance**

The survey polled over 1,000 landlords across the UK, and a startling 63% of them indicated a preference to sell their properties instead of making energy-efficient improvements like insulation, heat pumps, and solar panels. In London, this figure was even higher, with 75% of landlords expressing a desire to sell rather than go green.

The primary reason behind this reluctance among landlords is the fear of the associated costs. Many landlords feel that they cannot afford the necessary upgrades to improve energy efficiency in their properties.

**Call for Government Intervention**

Chris Delaney, the managing director of, expressed concern over the survey results, highlighting the need for government intervention and policymaker attention. As a nation, there is a significant responsibility to transform existing buildings to be more energy-efficient, and landlords play a crucial role in this transition.

Delaney emphasized that investing in technologies like solar panels and heat pumps should be viewed as a long-term investment in their properties, rather than a mere financial burden.

**Financial Hurdles and Property Considerations**

The survey also unveiled a widespread concern among landlords about how to finance the necessary EPC property improvements to meet a ‘C’ rating or higher. More than two-thirds of landlords expressed worries about meeting these financial obligations.

Additionally, the proposed regulations have led 62% of landlords to rethink whether it is worth keeping their properties at all. The potential costs associated with energy-efficient upgrades are causing landlords to reassess the viability of retaining their rental assets.

**Lack of Awareness and Preparedness**

Another notable finding from the survey is the lack of awareness and preparedness among landlords regarding the benefits and options of adopting green energy practices. While many landlords acknowledged that installing solar panels, for instance, could boost their property’s EPC rating, only a minority felt fully ready for these changes.

**Popular Energy-Efficient Measures**

Among the energy-efficient measures that landlords were considering, the most popular ones included new boilers, insulation, solar panels, LED lighting, and heat pumps.

**Need for Knowledge and Financial Support**

However, a significant portion of landlords admitted that they need to learn more about the financial support available from the government for such upgrades. The government currently offers incentives like the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS), which provides financial assistance for installing air source heat pumps and ground source pumps in residential properties.

Despite these incentives, the survey revealed that a considerable number of landlords estimated the costs of achieving the desired EPC ‘C’ rating to be substantial, ranging from £5,000 to over £10,000 per property.

**Conclusion: Encouraging Sustainable Practices**

– A survey conducted by reveals that 63% of UK landlords prefer selling their properties instead of investing in energy-efficient upgrades.
– In London, this figure is even higher, with 75% of landlords wanting to sell rather than adopting green practices.
– Financial concerns are the primary reason for their reluctance, as landlords fear they cannot afford the costs of energy-efficient improvements.
– Chris Delaney, the managing director of, calls for government intervention to incentivize landlords to invest in green technologies.
– More than two-thirds of landlords are worried about financing EPC property improvements to meet a ‘C’ rating or above.
– The lack of awareness and preparedness among landlords about green energy benefits is evident, with only 43% feeling fully ready for changes.
– Popular energy-efficient measures considered by landlords include new boilers, insulation, solar panels, LED lighting, and heat pumps.
– Landlords express the need for more information about government financial support for such upgrades.
– Despite available incentives, many landlords estimate spending between £5,000 and over £10,000 per property to meet EPC ‘C’ rating requirements.

In conclusion, the survey results underscore the need for increased awareness and support for landlords in their pursuit of energy-efficient upgrades. The government and policymakers must address the financial concerns and provide accessible resources to encourage landlords to embrace greener practices. By doing so, the UK can take a significant step toward a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.

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