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If you are getting an EPC check your boiler first

If you are getting an EPC check your boiler first

If you are getting an EPC check your boiler first


This could make a difference to your EPC rating


If you are planning to commission an EPC, it is very important that you ensure that your boiler has the model code visible on the outside. This is especially important if your boiler is a recent model, as the EPC assessor needs to see the label with the identifier code, in order to enter the correct code in the software which will calculate your EPC.

There are many occasions, when the identifier label is actually inside the boiler cover, but in that instance, the assessor will not have access to it, as they are not allowed to take the cover off, they are only permitted to use the information that is visible on the outside of the boiler.

If this information is not visible, the assessor will have no alternative but to enter a generic boiler code, which will invariably rate your boiler to be less efficient that what it could be.

If this is the case with your boiler, contact your supplier, or the manufacturer, explain the situation and in most cases, they will advise you on how to get an identifier model label affixed to the outside of the boiler. Some may require a visit from one of their engineers, some may charge for this, others may not. In some cases, if there is absolutely no doubt about the model of your boiler (for example, if you have a service contact, or you can provide other evidence, including receipts, photographs etc) they may even post out a sticker which should be affixed to the outside of the boiler, possibly underneath.

On the part of the assessor, provided that they are able to see the label with the boiler code, they will take photos of it and the boiler itself, therefore they will not need to conduct any further research.

it is possible, though not guaranteed, that if you would have been close the next highest rating, ensuring that your boiler model is visible and identifiable, the resulting increase in the performance rating of your boiler, over a generic model, might just be enough to nudge your rating up to the next level, which could make a lot of difference, especially if that results in a C, instead of a D.

This is because C is now considered to be the default minimum for rental properties, as this is expected to become the legal minimum from 2025, when the motion passes through parliament, therefore, many Buy-toLet lenders are already reluctant to lend on properties that are rated D or less.

If you require any advice about Energy Performance Certificates in Northamptonshire, please feel free to contact us.

You can book an EPC in Northamptonshire HERE.

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