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How to find a good energy assessor in Northampton

How to find a good energy assessor in Northampton

How to find a good energy assessor in Northampton


Obtaining an accurate and detailed Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is critical when selling or letting out a property in the UK. The EPC provides vital information on your property’s energy efficiency and potential improvements. Choosing the right accredited EPC assessor to conduct your property’s assessment is key to getting a precise rating and recommendation report. Follow these tips when searching for a reliable, experienced assessor:

1. Get Personal Recommendations

Start your search by asking friends, family members or your estate agent to recommend assessors they have worked with successfully. Positive personal endorsements from people you trust who have been satisfied customers carry significant weight. Ask detailed questions about their experience, how thorough the assessor was, if they explained things clearly, etc. This can help narrow down the best specialists.

2. Verify Credentials & Accreditations

Ensure any potential EPC assessor is accredited by an approved scheme like Elmhurst or Stroma. Check if they are listed on the government’s official EPC register database, which verifies their qualifications. Beware of assessors claiming certification without proper accredited status. Credentials from respected energy efficiency bodies indicate legitimacy.

3. Read Reviews & Testimonials Critically

Online customer reviews can provide insights, but focus on testimonials and references directly from an assessor’s past clients. Detailed testimonials on things like the assessor’s expertise, communication style and reporting clarity found on their website can further confirm their quality and dependability.

4. Prioritise Experience & Specialisations

Look for an established assessor with extensive experience conducting residential and/or commercial EPCs in your local area – ideally over 5+ years of service. Those especially familiar with older period homes or specialised properties can provide greater accuracy. Having a surveying background also enhances precision.

5. Understand Their Process Upfront

A thorough, knowledgeable assessor will happily explain their full assessment methodology, timescales, and pricing during an introductory call or meeting. This consultation opportunity provides a glimpse into how detail-oriented and transparent they are. Ensure you align on logistics before confirming.

6. Consider Locally-Based Assessors

Opting for a locally-based assessor familiar with common property types in your area can benefit you greatly. Their expertise in local building methods and access for follow up gives them an edge over nationally operating companies. They also better understand conventions relevant to your region.

7. Avoid Large National EPC Firms

While convenient, giant national EPC providers have concerning reputations for inconsistent quality, unreliable schedules, assessor inexperience and poor customer service. Their focus on high volume for maximum profit can compromise assessments. Assessor backgrounds in surveying also tend to be less common nationally.

8. Trust Your Instincts

Take note if an assessor seems engaged in discussions, asking thoughtful questions and responding promptly to inquiries. These can be signs they take pride in their work and will dedicate ample time to inspecting your property. If an assessor seems rushed or uninterested, they may not provide the diligent analysis you seek.


Finding the best qualified, most meticulous EPC assessor for your situation ensures your property receives an accurate energy efficiency rating and sound recommendations. Take time to research assessor qualifications, seek referrals from trusted sources and evaluate customer feedback. This helps guarantee a reliable assessment report. Contact our team at CJ Bloor for dedicated support choosing the right local low carbon consultant for your needs.

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